How do you follow a fantastic phone like the LG G2? LG have tonight announced the answer – and it’s called the LG G3. Check out O2’s JP getting a sneaky peek below and register for more info at


As JP says, the G3 takes everything that’s great about the G2 and builds on it. The G2’s Knock On feature – tap on the screen twice to wake it – has been made even better with Knock Code, letting you tap in a pattern on the phone’s screen to unlock it. It even works when the screen’s switched off – very impressive. Speaking of screens though, the G3 packs a beaut. It’s a 5.5inch QHD display, meaning it’s no less than four times as detailed as HD – HHHHD, strictly speaking, although QHD sounds better.

Under the hood things are similarly amazing – the G3 packs a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, clocked at 2.5ghz, plus this time it even comes with a removable back cover, battery and yes, you guessed it, a memory card slot that can take cards up to 128GB in size. Not that all this clever tech and removable things makes the phone look like a slouch, oh no – the metallic finish and gentle curves mean it feels rather good to hold.

Snappy dresser and snappy lenses
The G3’s not just a snappy dresser, it packs a couple of rather good snappers too. The back camera’s a 13 megapixel beast complete with nine point autofocus and all the toys like panorama, burst shot and a mix of photo resolutions. Up front, meanwhile, the LG G3 takes the art of the selfie to a whole new level. As well as a front camera flash, which lights your screen up white in order to throw a little more light on your selfie, it also has one of the coolest methods of taking a selfie we’ve seen. No tapping on the screen to snap your shot here, oh no – just hold your hand up in front of the lens and clench your fist. The G3 picks it up and starts the selfie countdown. It’s one of the most fun gestures we’ve seen in a long time.

The G3 is coming soon on O2 Refresh, our revolutionary tariff that lets you separate the cost of the phone from the minutes, texts and data you get. So what does that mean? It means you’ll be in control of exactly how much you spend and, when you get to 24 months, your tariff automatically gets cheaper as you’ll have paid for your phone. Epic.

The LG G3’s a fantastic bit of kit and we’ll be selling it from early July – want to keep up to date with all the G3 news? Visit our site at and we’ll keep you posted.

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