According to footballers, it seems that the secret to success on the football field lies not with skill or prowess, but with a trusty pair of Y-fronts.  In a survey by the FHM O2 Cup, British footballers voted for wearing lucky pants as their number one match day superstition to help their team to victory.   Other popular good luck omens such as wearing the same numbered shirt and tying boots in a certain order appeared in the list, but these were joined by some more unusual answers.  Happy to reveal their ‘metrosexual’ side, number five on the list was ‘getting a nice crisp haircut’ prior to the match!  The online poll also revealed that British footballers can be an emotional lot, with a kiss from their mum before each game cited as another pre-match superstition as well as imagining their footballing heros for inspiration.  However, the more masculine persona of players was expressed with respondents insisting on having a pint before the game for ‘good luck’.    The top ten footballing superstitions as chosen by British players:  

  1. Wearing Lucky pants 
  2. Tying boots in the same order
  3. Wearing same number shirt
  4. Putting shirt on last
  5. Pre-match hair-cut
  6. Eating the same pre-match meal
  7. Imagining their football heros
  8. Pre-match pint
  9. Kiss from your Mum
  10. Not shaving before a game

  The poll was carried out to support the forthcoming FHM O2 Cup Final, which will take place at the Gunner’s legendary Highbury stadium on Sunday 14 May 2006 in one of the last ever games to be staged on its hallowed turf before the North London club swaps home after 93 years of footballing heroics.    This time it is amateur footballers who will have the chance to be Highbury heroes and heroines for the day, as teams battle it out from across the country to be crowned FHM O2 Cup champions 2006.   The FHM O2 Cup, in association with Sony Ericsson, is the FA Cup of amateur five-a-side competitions, designed for football fanatics nationwide and hosted by Sky Sports’ extraordinaire (and daughter of Kenny) Kelly Dalglish.     Ex-Wales International and Everton legend, Neville Southall, will also be entertaining the crowds in the ‘Sony Ericsson Penalty Shoot Out’ competition, where finalists from the regional heats will test his nerves in the Arsenal goal mouth!   There’s only 2,000 seats in the house but all you need to do to grab a place in Highbury history and watch one of the last ever games from the North Bank is text FINAL to 60600*.  The FHM O2 Cup Final kicks off at 12.30pm on Sunday 14 May so show your support for your fellow country men (and women!) and get texting!    Having already survived a tough preliminary voting stage, 96 teams from across the country took part in four grueling regional heats throughout March and April, battling all the elements (and shots at goal!) Scotland, the North of England, South of England and the Midlands could throw at them.   The top four teams from each heat now have the chance to show off their football skills in front of thousands of fans and groupies at the glamorous grand final at Highbury on Sunday 14 May – and could even go down in history as one of the last players to score at the famous stadium. This year we’ve even embraced equality too as not only is there a men’s cup but there’s an FHM O2 Women’s Cup too with four teams from each corner of the country battling to be crowned chick champions, whilst showing the men how it’s really done!   At the final, you’ll not only get the chance to be one of the last people to watch a match at Arsenal’s famous home, you’ll also find masseurs, caricaturists, contortionists and an opportunity to get your mug on your own front cover of FHM. And if you need any further incentive to leave the sofa, there’ll be FHM Girls on hand to help keep your spirit levels up!   The eventual winners of the men and women’s finals will be bestowed with the honour of lifting the FHM O2 Cup at Highbury and benefit from all the other spoils of victory – the respect of the nation (possibly) the adoration of football fans across the UK (hopefully) and the chance to score one of the last ever goals at Highbury (definitely).  There is also the small matter of £5,000 cash and Sony Ericsson W810i phones for the winning team.    *Standard network rates apply. Only 2000 tickets will be made available.  Each ticket is valid for one person. The ticket offer is available to all mobile customers in the UK.  

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