Good news – we’ve made it easier to keep your mobile number, whether you’re joining O2 or moving within O2. Jonathan Earle, Head of O2 Consumer Marketing, explains how.

IMG_5054a If you’ve had your mobile number for a while, keeping it when your situation changes is important. We know that in the past this hasn’t always been easy – information can often be buried deep within confusing websites.

Then there’s the call to your existing mobile phone company to tell them you want to leave and get your authorisation code, known as a PAC. All this has meant that sometimes it is simpler just to take a new number.

We’re changing all that with It’s a new online page that contains everything you need to know about how to keep your number. You’ll still need to get a PAC if you’re moving to O2 – it helps make sure no-one transfers your number without your say so – but it contains step-by-step instructions about what you need to do and what we’ll do for you.

It’ll also help you if you’re moving within O2. If you’re moving from Pay & Go to Pay Monthly it’s got everything you need, including an online form to submit all your details. Because we know how important having your phone is, we’ll transfer your number and any top up you have left within one to four hours of you completing the form. We’ll also text you to let you know everything’s fine and transfer your loyalty bonus too. We’ll also give you a £5 Marks & Spencer’s voucher if you use it to move from O2 Pay & Go to O2 Pay Monthly before 15 March.

Finally, if you’re preparing to leave O2 the new page can give you different options on how to get in touch. We’d be sorry to see you go but will do our best to make leaving as easy as possible and ensure you have everything you need.

We’d like to know your feedback on this page and what else we can make simpler and easier to understand. Please give us your suggestions below.

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