Android-Movie-Studio-370 Okay, we're getting tired now. We've pounded the halls, we've watched some keynotes and now we want to go home. But first, we need to reveal the news nuggets we've uncovered today. Hit the jump for the day three lowdown…

All the major announcements are out of the way already, so we've rounded up some of the more interesting stories to creep out in the last 24 hours. Last night Eric Schmidt took to the stage to reveal the future of Android and where we can expect to see the OS go next. Read on below for more on this and our other news round ups.

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Android Gingerbread + Android Honeycomb = Android Icecream Sandwich

Android-Honeycomb370 Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, rocked up to MWC 2011 to talk about the future of Android and he had some exciting news – Android Gingerbread and Android Honeycomb will combine to become one OS that'll rock on tablets and smartphones. It's clearly a move to battle the unified nature of Apple's iOS and it's good news for fans of the Google brand. Schmidt told delegates: “We’ve got an OS for phones called ‘Gingerbread’ and one for tablets called ‘Honeycomb’. G and H. You can imagine that the next will begin with I and will be named after a dessert, and it will unite them.” Tasty!

The iPhone 4 crowned king of smartphones

Apple doesn't do MWC but it still managed to snag the award for Best Mobile Device at the GSMA Awards which take place at the event. Apple nabbed the top prize against stiff competition from the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire. That said, while Apple won that battle, HTC took the prize for Manufacturer Of The Year.

Android Movie Studio: edit clips on your tablet

Android-Movie-Studio-370 While the iPad and iPhone have iMovie, Android tablets have now got their own video editing package. Android Movie Studio looks swish, giving you the ability to add transitions, import audio, splice clips, edit the video timeline and export in multiple formats including straight to YouTube. Android Movie Studio will be pre-loaded on all Android Honeycomb tablets, great news for amateur Spielbergs.

Intel shows MeeGo tablet is still go, go, going to come out

MeeGo370 Nokia has put MeeGo in second place behind the juggernaut of Windows Phone 7 for its smartphones but Intel is still pushing forward. It showed a MeeGo tablet at MWC and also promised Intel-based smartphones this year. MeeGo looks sleek but it may not be quite ready for public consumption yet. Take a look at it in action in the video below:


We're all Mobile World Congressed out now (as nice as Barcelona is) but we hope we've brought you a decent slice of the excitement from the show. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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