Recycling-Bins You probably have a few old phones gathering dust on the shelf or stashed away in a drawer, but did you know that recycling them safely won’t cost you any money, but could instead pay out?

O2 Recycle will give you money for your old phone, and put it to good use too. Read on and find out how it works.

Why recycle?

It’s estimated that the amount of waste electrical goods we throw away in the UK increases by five percent each year: but in landfill, that electro-waste can release toxins that contaminate soil and water.

Luckily, recycling your phone couldn’t be simpler and neatly dodges it ending up in a rubbish tip, harming Mother Earth. You just log on to the O2 Recycle website, check to see if your device is supported and you’ll get a quick estimate of your phone value.

All you have to do then is post your mobile to O2 for free, or visit an O2 store. Then just sit back and wait for the money to be paid to you within five working days.

What happens to the phone?

Phones in good condition are refurbished and sold on, often in developing countries as an affordable way to stay in touch. If the handset isn’t safe to use, it’s sent to be “end of life” recycled.

This is an eco-friendly process in which precious materials and components are removed and reused, while the waste is smelted so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

How could my own phone earn?

You could get up to £290 for a recently released smartphone, paid either directly to your account or by cheque. Even phones from upgrades in previous years will net you some nice pocket money: a Nokia N81 will get you £28.

It’s not just phones you can recycle either. You can get up to £103 for your old MP3 players, £92.50 for a camera and up to £420 for an unwanted tablet.

What happens to the revenue?

O2 doesn’t profit from the O2 Recycle service, but instead passes on any money from resale to Think Big, an initiative to help transform the lives of young people in the UK.

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