My-O2-app-logo The My O2 app lets iPhone owners keep tabs on their tariff without firing up the PC or phoning customer services. The next version will add tons more functionality, convenience and compatibility. Read on, and see what’s coming next!

The current My O2 app lets iPhone owners check the remaining minutes and texts on their account, see details of their tariff and remind themselves of calling plan prices and which O2 Bolt Ons are applied.

Pay Monthly customers can also see recent charges to their account, and when the next payment is due. Data usage is also monitored but in future, there’ll be much more to see.

The next version of the My O2 app will be version 2.0, adding the ability to top up Pay and Go accounts direct from the app, as well as paying Pay Monthly bills on the spot. There’s a new design too, with an improved help section and links to O2’s other services too.

iPhone owners will have access to the new app very soon, followed closely by an Android version.

“The new iPhone app will be out by the Autumn,” said Niki Fearns, Senior Self Service Experience Manager at O2. “Closely followed by our Android version.”

Looking further ahead, in version 3.0 of the My O2 app there’ll be improvements to the display of text, minute and data allowances. O2’s app developers are also considering alerts for Pay Monthly customers due an upgrade, the ability to add Bolt Ons, and even options for changing your tariff direct from the app.

O2’s app development team are also considering how they can make improvements to the billing experience with functionality such as viewing out of bundle charges, or sending a bill to an e-mail address.

But in addition to existing plans, O2 wants to know what you’d like included in the My O2 app. Niki Fearns says: “At the moment, we’re really busy up to the end of the year with usability testing to find out exactly what our customers like, but we’d also like to know what customers want.”

You heard us. Shout up in the comments section below. Is there something you’re craving from the My O2 app? Now is your time to shout up!

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