There’s a new free application on the App Store today – it’s called My O2 and we think it’s great.

Antony DouglasHello again everyone, I’m Anthony Douglas and I’m O2’s Head of Content. You may remember me from such blog posts as “Telmap: Why we’re doing it”. I want to talk about another of the projects my team has been working on today though – the free My O2 iPhone application that’s available in the App Store today.

We created the My O2 section of our website to help our customers manage their account and we’ve seen huge numbers of people using it ever since. We’ve worked hard to make sure the information is as clear as possible on, however we realised it’s not very easy to read if you’re accessing the site by iPhone. Meanwhile, more and more customers were telling us how much they’d like to be able to see their account information on the go. And so the My O2 app was created!

We’ve been developing the app for the last few months, making sure it’s completely ready for O2 customers to use and I’m happy to say it’s now good to go. You’re able to see how much you’ve got left in your included allowances, what your next bill summary is and loads of other info too. It’s totally secure – you’ll be asked for a four digit PIN every time it loads – and it’s available for people on Pay Monthly and Pay & Go too, but unfortunately at the moment our business and corporate customers aren’t able to use it.

You may have also other apps in the App Store that do similar things and charge a small fee to do it. While we do support all the developers creating the fantastic range of applications available, we know this application is something our customers want and will get real value out of.

Although the app’s born to run on the iPhone, we’re currently looking into what other phones something like this could work on. We’re not ready to announce anything on this today but we’ll keep you posted. My O2’s available right now on the App Store (you can get it by going to, so give it a go and let me know what you think!

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