Narrato, one of our Wayra start-ups in the UK, has launched a journaling app for iOS which gives you the ability to log your life by plugging in a range of existing online services.

With the popularity surge of lifelogging apps, Narrato is launching to give power to you, the user, allowing personal data to be managed safely in one place.

Ramy Khuffash, co-founder of Narrato, explains how Narrato is different to other life journals available. “Narrato connects with all of the apps and services you already use and love. This means you don’t have to change your behaviour to keep a journal. You continue taking photos with your iPhone camera, sharing thoughts on Twitter, and doing everything you normally do. If you want to record any thoughts that aren’t supposed to be broadcasted, you can just save them from within the app. It’s the easiest way to keep a personal journal.”

Narrato Journal integrates with services such as Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram, with more integrations coming soon. With all of your content in one place, you can add context to your memories and can record the full story of your life. Crucially, there is no “sharing” on Narrato; the app is for the user only, unlike Facebook and Twitter. It also works offline, so you can still update your log when you’re abroad or anywhere with restricted internet access and it won’t eat into your data whilst offline.

Over time, when Narrato integrates with services that record more about you, it will be able find trends and correlations that will help answer questions like “am I actually happier when I exercise?” or “how does my diet affect my sleep?”

In addition to the upfront abilities of the app, Narrato plans to allow developers to build new services on its platform by opening up its API. This will enable a new range of services that can be built to discover and manage new things about your personal, digital data. The possibilities that Narrato represents are staggering and will provide real insight into users’ behaviour and influences.

Narrato is a resident at Wayra : Telefónica’s start-up accelerator program which provides funding and expertise to transform developers’ dreams into reality. At the moment there are 18 budding digital companies seated in the Wayra Academy in central London, nurturing their start-ups into fully fledged digital companies. The company has fostered 36 start-ups, with 19 already graduated and standing on their own feet. Over 240 have graduated from the Wayra Academies worldwide.

Ramy explains Since coming into Wayra, we’ve had conversations with extremely smart people. They have helped us shape our idea and have continued to support us as we grow.” Talking about the challenges involved as a start-up, he believes dealing with the unknown is the key to success. “Personally, my biggest challenge is dealing with uncertainty. Even when everything seems uncertain, we have to trust ourselves and continue with full conviction. Find out who your customers are and whether they actually care about your idea.”

Among its 2015 targets, Telefónica Europe pledged to create more than 1,000 start-up opportunities worldwide through various initiatives such as Wayra and Talentum; build a Telefónica Think Big community of more than 300,000 young people working to build a more entrepreneurial Europe; enrol 50,000 students in Think Big School, teaching digital literacy such as coding and robotics; and transition 5,000 young people and graduates from education into the workplace via its Talentum programme.

You can get Narrato Journal for iPhone for £2.49 in the App Store, and the guys there would love to get your feedback!

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