It’s the start of February, it’s a bit cold and dark outside and it’s tempting to crawl back into bed for a few months. Don’t worry though, we’ve made our best ever tariffs to help you get through the winter.

Here they are, the latest Pay Monthly tariffs from O2. We’ve divided them by length to help you find your way around. We’d love to know what you think, so feel free to leave us a comment at the end of this post.

30 days

30 day simplicity 

30 day Simplicity tariffs

Our 30 day simplicity tariffs are designed for those who don’t want to commit to longer contracts and already have a phone. If that’s you, there is some fantastic value to be had.

12 months

12 month simplicity

12 month simplicity tariffs

If you’ve already got a phone you’re happy with but want to commit to a 12 month minimum term, our new longer simplicity contracts are for you. You’ll get all the fantastic simplicity benefits plus 33% more minutes and messages.

18 and 24 month

18 months

18 month tariffs (top) and 24 month tariffs (below)


Our 18 and 24 month minimum term tariffs are there for you when you want to get a new phone. You’ll be able to choose from any of our available phones when you sign up to one of these and, all tariffs with 600 minutes and above get a choice of one of our Unlimited Bolt Ons.


24 month extra tariffs

The last two tariffs we’re offering are also for 24 months and add have even more minutes and messages than our normal 24 month tariffs. They’re only available with certain new phones, but depending on the phone you want they could be for you. Our store colleagues will be able to show you which phones you can get with these tariffs.

Voicemail and messaging of all types (SMS, MMS, Roaming SMS and Roaming MMS) are included which means your message allowance covers you sending texts or picture messages both in the UK or when you’re abroad.

Couple all of this with our award winning network and customer service and added extras like priority tickets to gigs and you'll see why O2 is the network of choice for so many.

For more information on our tariffs or to find your nearest store, head to our online shop.

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