Nokia-700The Nokia 700 is one of the latest Nokia phones to hit the market, and is the Finnish company's smallest smartphone. The dinky dimensions are built around a compact but high-quality 3.2-inch display, and it's the first handset to take full advantage of Nokia's Symbian Belle operating system. Read on to see five ways that the Nokia 700 beats the opposition.

Although the Nokia Lumia 800 has taken all the headlines this month, the Nokia 700 is one of the best new handsets to hit the market. It runs the latest version of Symbian ^3 – called Symbian Belle – and it's packed with features.

Nokia Maps
When it comes to mobile navigation, nobody does it better than Nokia, and the Nokia 700 is a great example. This 3.2-inch smartphone comes with both GPS and A-GPS, making sure you have an accurate signal at all times, and the Nokia Maps software that's pre-installed on Symbian Belle is among the best on the market. You won't just be limited to navigating on the move, either, with the ability to download all the maps before you set off – saving you money when it comes to data connections.

Battery life
The Nokia 700 comes out well ahead of rivals when it comes to battery life, at a time when many of today’s smartphones tend to eat batteries at a disturbing rate.

Instead of a few hours you'll be able to use the Nokia 700 for days at a time, with the Symbian Belle operating system proving particularly power efficient. If you're always out of the office, and want to take full advantage of the built in Nokia Maps, or simply stay in touch for longer, it's a key selling point.

Ultra small
With a 3.2-inch display and skinny dimensions, the Nokia 700 is Nokia's smallest touchscreen smartphone to date. Yet, despite the pocket-friendly design, it's packed with features, such as the pin-sharp 360 x 640 pixel display with AMOLED technology. Other features include 3G/HSDPA, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi and NFC, matching the most expensive smartphones on the market.

Symbian Belle is the first Nokia operating system to make full use of NFC (Near Field Communication), and the Nokia 700 comes with the hardware technology as standard. You'll be able to share pictures and files, or connect to upcoming peripherals such as retail pay-points, simply by tapping the phone. What could be easier?

Different-sized widgets
Although the Symbian Belle operating system on the Nokia 700 retains a familiar feel, it boasts lots of innovative new features. We particularly like the ability to resize widgets – a feature that's not readily available on rivals – allowing you to tailor the home screen to features that you find more important, displaying more information, or simply showing larger icons.

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