O2 today reveals the latest scores of its Eco rating scheme, highlighting the UK’s most sustainable mobile phones. The Nokia C6-01 and E7-00 share the top spot with scores of 4.1 out of 5 and Nokia handsets comprise three of the top six best handsets.

According to Eco rating, the six most sustainable handsets currently being ranged by O2 are:

Position Device
1st Nokia C6-01
1st Nokia E7-00
2nd Samsung Galaxy Mini
2nd Samsung Galaxy Ace
2nd Sony Ericsson X8
2nd Nokia C7-02

O2 launched Eco rating last August as part of its Think Big sustainability programme which aims to promote sustainable living through O2 products and services. Eco rating has been developed in partnership with independent sustainability experts Forum for the Future (www.forumforthefuture.org) to help customers make an informed decision when buying a mobile phone.

Under Eco rating, virtually every handset O2 sells is accorded a score out of 5 based on the environmental impact of the device, how it helps people lead more sustainable lives, and the ethical performance of the manufacturer. The scores are published online and on sales collateral in O2 stores. Eco rating is the only scheme of its kind to give customers the full picture from which to make their purchasing decision.

‘Although the environmental impact of a mobile phone may seem trivial when compared to say a car or fridge, when you consider the vast volumes of mobiles in circulation across the globe, their impact adds up,’ said Simon Lee-Smith, O2’s Head of Devices. ‘We know more and more customers want this level of product transparency and we’re very grateful to the handset manufacturers for their engagement with Eco rating.’

BlackBerry handsets manufactured by RIM were added to Eco rating earlier this year. 90% of the devices ranged by O2 are included in the scheme.

Eco rating joins other environmental initiatives such as O2 Recycle under O2’s Think Big sustainability programme which aims to enable customers to make a real difference for people and the planet. For more information, visit www.o2.co.uk/thinkbig.

O2’s Sustainability team will be on Twitter at 14:00 BST this Friday, 27 May, to discuss all of O2’s environmental initiatives. To take part, follow O2’s Twitter account at www.twitter.com/o2 and submit a question using #askO2.

Further information on the Eco Rating Methodology
Eco rating’s scoring system is based on data supplied by manufacturers.

It covers three broad areas:
1) The overall environmental impact of the device over its lifespan:

  • The raw materials it contains
  • The impact caused by its manufacture
  • Packaging
  • Longevity and energy efficiency
  • How easy it is to reuse or recycle.

2) The functionality of handsets, highlighting devices which help people live more sustainable lives, for example:

  • By replacing the need to own a separate camera or music player
  • By providing software to plan journeys by public transport or on foot

3) The ethical performance of manufacturers including:

  • Labour standards in the supply chain
  • Safety and environmental principles
  • Social inclusion and community programmes
  • Carbon and water management.
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