From 23-25 October, we’re running a three day exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London to showcase the evolution of working life and demonstrate the benefits of smarter working. The interactive event will show how work practices and technologies have evolved from the 1950s to the present day and beyond.

What decade are you working in?

With smartphones, cloud computing and 4G becoming more common place, work spaces are no longer solely office based. Technologies such as video conferencing and instant messaging are bringing colleagues closer together allowing them to work smarter.

Smarter working helps drive business growth

Here at O2, we think connectivity through technology can make business owners and their employees more productive. By taking advantage of these new trends and adopting smarter working practices, businesses will see the benefits on their bottom line.

Play, share, discover: a new way of working

To bring smarter working to life, we’re inviting businesses to come along and experience the technologies that are changing the way we work. The latest devices, tools and technologies will be on show, and we’ll be demonstrating the possibilities of 4G and Microsoft Office 365.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to network, share ideas with peers and discover how their business can grow through smarter working.

We also have an exciting line up of successful business leaders who will be talking live and answering Q&As over the course of the exhibition:

Philip Ross. CEO, Unwork and Ungroup. Author, consultant and commentator on the future of work.

Shaa Wasmund. Founder of Smarta, author, and champion of small businesses.

Emma Jones MBE. Founder of Enterprise Nation and co-founder of StartUp Britain.

Get involved

The O2 Business Show Live is free to attend. For more information and to get involved sign up here.

We’re also taking the show on tour if you can’t attend in London. We’ll be arriving in Manchester 12-13 November and holding a one off customer event in Edinburgh 14 November.

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