O2-guru The O2 Guru Barge is chugging its way across the land this week, with navigators dispensing handy tips and hints to help master your mobile. Read on for five essential nuggets of info to help with your handset, and stay tuned for more throughout the week.

1. How you can check your Pay & Go balance

Customer Sophie asks O2 Guru Jack just what number to call to find out her balance. Turns out, there’s only a number to call, but a code you can type to simply see it on screen too: 

2. How to rescue your water-logged phone

Dropped your phone in a puddle? This handy trick might just save it from death.

3. How to improve the battery life of any phone

Want your phone to last even longer on the go? O2 Guru Brian is on hand with some quick fix solutions.

4. How to get your own Guru

Guru Jack isn’t alone: here he explains how you can get in touch with your local Guru if you’re having a problem. There are hundreds across the country!

5. How to solve signal issues

Bars gone astray? Guru Jack will get calls coming back in again, minus any hassle. 

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