O2 Guru TV is here, tune in and meet O2’s crack team of experts based in 100 stores across the UK. There’s no need to trek to the high street to pick their brains, just head to the O2 Guru TV website and get the answers you’re looking for. Whether it’s mobile phone, mobile broadband or tablet tips you’re after, they’ve got the answer. We’ve picked out five fantastic tips here too. Watch them all after the break…

Send texts from your dongle!
If you've got an O2 mobile broadband dongle, there's a hidden extra you might not be tapping into: the ability to send texts to your contacts via your computer. It can be speedier than tapping out texts on your phone and is a handy trick if you’re a serial SMSer.


Block tedious text messages
We've all experienced irritating SMS messages. Whether it’s an annoying promotional text or joke messages from 'friends' or annoying relatives, there’s a way to stem the flow if you’ve got a Samsung G600: O2 Guru TV shows you how to block unwanted messages with zero hassle. Save yourself from spurious SMS messages with these simple steps.


Back up your iPhone wirelessly
Your iPhone is backed up every time you plug it into your computer, but if you want to make sure your contacts, calendars and email are all safely snug in the cloud then  you need to set up Google’s syncing services. Setting them up on an iPhone means you'll have all that info on any computer you use to log into Google, no matter when you last plugged your iPhone into the PC at home. Check out the video for O2 Guru TV's super-easy guide.


Use the O2 Priority app to feast on rewards
The O2 Priority app for iPhone and webOS devices helps get you access to gig and event tickets ahead of the mob. If you've yet to grab the app, this O2 Guru TV video will help you get set up. It could help you snag tickets to that big gig, and it’s completely free!


Magically identify almost any song
Shazam is a mobile app that identifies music just by listening to it. Hold your phone near a speaker and it’ll sample a bit of the sound. A few seconds of analysis, and it’ll tell you what the song is, along with links to buy it. It’s so clever, we’re beginning to fear for our jobs. Check it out in this O2 Guru TV video, and see its musical magic in action.


You can see the rest of the O2 Guru TV library on YouTube, including tips for specific phones. If you're stuck or just wanting to get more from your device, it's the place to go.

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