Nikki Flanders, Managing Director O2 Health talks about the launch of O2 Health’s mobile care service, Help at Hand.

Today is an exciting day for O2 Health. Our mobile care service, Help at Hand, is being launched on the high street. Until now, it has only been available via the NHS and councils. But anyone who feels that they – or those they care for – could do with specialist help at the touch of a button can now buy the service for themselves via our O2 website, our O2 shops and in 100 Sainsbury’s pharmacy stores.

We all know someone who either has a condition such as dementia or diabetes, or has to care in some way for a friend or family member who does. This can limit their confidence to get out and about, and for carers it can be a major worry.

Help at Hand gives people the reassurance they need to live life to the full, safe in the knowledge that, should they need it, help will be available wherever they are – in or out of the home. It also gives carers peace-of-mind.

And it’s this peace-of-mind that is vitally important to the seven million carers in the UK. The launch of Help at Hand coincides with research we’ve conducted showing that Brits who care for friends or family that have health conditions spend 196 million hours worrying about them every week.

The service comprises of a special handset with a fall detector, GPS tracking, designated ‘safe zones; and a special one touch button that links to a 24/7 support centre that can contact loved ones, carer’s or emergency services if needed.

We truly believe that this service can give vulnerable people and those with health conditions the freedom and independence that they deserve, whilst freeing up more time for those who care for them.

Hundreds of people have already used Help at Hand and have given us great feedback. They say it has allowed them to do things that they thought they never could before, giving them a brighter outlook on their future. Help at Hand will not suit everyone’s needs, for example those who require one-to-one care , but it can help many people and very importantly gives access to another care option. It looks set to be an exciting year ahead for the team at O2 Health and we hope that many people will be able to benefit from this service.

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