Today O2 is launching a new proposition which offers customers up to four SIMs to connect to the O2 30-day online simplicity tariffs. The first customer can give the three other SIMs to friends and family which, once connected, will give them unlimited O2 to O2 texts and unlimited O2 to O2 calls.

There are three simplicity tariffs available:

300 cross-net minutes and 600 anytime texts for £14.69

600 cross-net minutes and 1200 anytime texts for £19.58

1200 cross-net minutes and 2400 anytime texts for £29.38

All tariffs come with unlimited O2 to O2 texts and unlimited O2 to O2 calls.

A customer can order up to 4 SIMs by sending a text to 66102 with their details or via a web link: SIMs will be received within seven days. The first person activates their SIM online and then passes the remaining three to friends and family who can activate theirs. The promotion is limited to one order per household.

Peter Rampling, Marketing Director at O2 said “Customers are always looking for great value for money and flexibility and that’s what our simplicity range gives them. When times are tough, staying in touch with friends and family is even more important. This new proposition means that all calls and texts between four friends or family members are unlimited.”

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