Doesn’t time fly! It’s now been nearly a month since we introduced O2 Refresh, a brand new way of buying a Pay Monthly phone. It’s different to anything that’s come to the UK before because it lets you upgrade your phone whenever you like without having to pay off the rest of your contract, plus you get to keep your phone. We really like it, but the real question is what do you think?

9 and 9.5 out of 10

O2 Refresh has been on sale since mid-April in all O2 Retail stores and the great news is that nine out of ten customers who could buy O2 Refresh have been doing! That doesn’t include people choosing phones not yet on O2 Refresh, although with our O2 Refresh range constantly growing (see it on our site) you’ve got a great choice of smartphones to pick from. Although choosing your favourite may not be easy…

iPhone friendly

The great news doesn’t stop there though with 95% of all iPhone customers buying their new phone on O2 Refresh too. That means not only do you get the latest and greatest Apple tech now, but thanks to O2 Refresh making it easy to get a new phone whenever you like without paying extra fees, getting the next big thing just got a bit easier. And you could even trade in your old iPhone with O2 Recycle if you like – it’s yours, so you can do whatever you like with it!

Here comes the science

If you’ve never heard of O2 Refresh before, don’t worry – it’s really simple to use. Plus it’ll save you money whether you want to buy a new phone regularly or even if you want to keep your current phone for longer than you normally would. Take a look at our comparison between O2 Refresh and a standard contract at our O2 Refresh ‘How’s it different’ page.

More to come

We’re not just resting on our laurels though. We launched O2 Refresh in our retail stores and over the phone for existing customers in mid-April but are now working on bringing it to new customers over the phone and as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can find your nearest O2 store and check out O2 Refresh in person at

Have you already taken out an O2 Refresh contract? Let us know how you’re finding it in the comments below!

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