O2 is today setting its sights on a larger piece of the broadband market, making O2 Home Broadband available nationwide and enhancing its broadband portfolio with the launch of O2 Business Broadband.

O2 Home Broadband was launched in October 2007 with a commitment to bringing a high quality service to market. With nine out of ten O2 broadband customers saying they would recommend it to friends or family, O2 has delivered on this commitment. Independent experts, including thinkbroadband.com, moneysupermarket.com and broadband-expert.co.uk all consistently rate O2 amongst the highest in the industry for speed, customer satisfaction and reliability.

As such, O2 is now in a strong position to extend its high quality broadband offering to an even greater segment of the UK market. With a £6million investment, O2 is embarking on a high visibility broadband marketing campaign across the UK to drive awareness of the nationwide availability of its complete broadband portfolio – including fixed-line home, mobile and now fixed line business – that both consumers and small businesses can rely on to deliver a superior broadband service.

O2 Home Broadband Access

From 1st May O2 Home Broadband Access will be available in homes throughout the UK using BT’s wholesale network to reach would-be O2 Home and Business Broadband customers in areas where the local BT telephone exchange has not been unbundled.

Customers signing up to this service will use the BT network to connect but will benefit from O2’s excellent broadband customer service wrap including:-

  • Free UK-based 24/7 customer service
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Free connection & wireless router included

O2’s Home Broadband Access package will cost from £17.50 per month for O2 customers, representing excellent value for customers when compared to similar services delivered over BT’s wholesale network by competitor providers. Prices for O2 Home Broadband delivered over O2’s LLU network start from £7.50 per month for O2 customers.

O2 internet services – be they mobile, broadband or devices such as the iPhone from Apple – consistently rank No.1 in overall customer satisfaction and O2 is committed to ensuring that O2 Home Broadband Access customers will receive the same high level of customer service.

O2 Business Broadband

The launch of O2 Business Broadband is good news for small businesses looking for a fast, reliable and quality fixed broadband product. Small businesses rely on email and a fast internet connection to ensure they can communicate quickly and effectively with clients, partners and suppliers in a highly competitive, fast-moving environment.

O2 Business Broadband is a cost effective, business grade broadband package compatible with BT analogue lines that allows a small office to access the Internet and stay connected. At download speeds of up to 20 meg, O2 Business Broadband will offer some of the fastest internet connections for business. Customers outside of the coverage on the O2 Broadband LLU network will be able to receive O2 Business Broadband Access which provides download speeds of up to 8 meg with the same features and benefits of O2 Business Broadband.

O2 has ensured its business broadband packages include all the benefits of O2’s Home Broadband service as well as additional features to cater for the needs of the small business user, making it one of the most competitive and attractive business broadband offerings in the UK. Key benefits include:

  • Free connection
  • Unlimited usage to download exactly what you want
  • Free O2 wireless router
  • 5 x McAfee security licenses
  • 24/7 UK-based business support
  • Enhanced service support for business – on site in-life support
  • One static IP address (not available on Access)
  • Dual SSID

“We launched O2 Home Broadband six months ago with the intention of providing a quality service that would renew customer confidence in the broadband industry and are pleased to be delivering on this promise,” said Sally Cowdry, marketing director, O2 UK. “With a great track record behind us, we feel we are in a strong position to go after a larger market share, offering nationwide broadband coverage and a business proposition alongside a proven, excellent service.”

With O2’s Best Plan advice, customers will only pay for the broadband package that is right for them. Prior to completing the purchase, a line check will be completed to estimate the speeds the customer can receive to ensure they are placed on the correct package. This will be checked after connection to ensure the package selected by the customer is appropriate and that they only pay for the package appropriate for the speed their line can support.

Customers can purchase O2 Broadband either online, in any O2 retail store or through O2 customer service. For more information, visit www.o2.co.uk/broadband

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