Heading down to the cinema today? You may just see one of four young people talking about topics very close to their heart.

What’s it all about 

Our Think Big programme aims to bring about positive change in local communities by championing the ideas of young people. Young people between 13 and 25 can apply for an award for their projects and benefit from a package of training, support and mentoring.  After the initial grant, they will also have the chance to apply for £2,500 and much more intensive training to further boost their project, known as the Think Bigger phase. 

We have chosen four Think Bigger projects we’re particularly proud of and we’re giving them the chance to get their voice heard on a bigger scale.  As of today, if you go to the cinema you may be lucky enough to see an advert featuring one of our four Think Bigger projects.  Over the upcoming weeks each of these four young people will be supported by a different celebrity ambassador who believes in the cause as much as the young person does.  

Here’s a bit more information about the four young people:

Meet Marie, Homework Club

With celebrity ambassador Chipmunk: twitter: @ChipmunkArtist Website: http://www.officialchipmunk.com

Marie Perryman, from London, set up a homework club with the help of Think Big to support young people who find it difficult to study outside of the classroom.  She understands the importance of a positive environment for young people to continue their after school studies.  Marie wants to see more people follow in her footsteps and set up a similar space for young people to get on with their homework.

Check out her cinema ad here:


Follow this link to learn more about how you could set up your own homework club: www.o2thinkbig.co.uk

Got any questions for Marie? Get in touch through the @O2UKThinkBig twitter channel with #askmarie.


Meet Adam, Stand Against Violence

With celebrity ambassador Wretch 32: twitter: @Wretch32 Website: www.wretch32.com

Adam Fouracre, from Taunton, is on mission to make us think before we act.  Unfortunately Adam has firsthand experience of the effects of violence and wants to make sure other people don’t have to suffer in the same way he has.  He wants us to watch and share his longer video demonstrating the awful ripple effect violence has. 

Check out his cinema ad here:


Follow this link to watch Adam’s longer video on the negative effects of violence.  Adam wants you to show your support through facebook and other social network: www.o2thinkbig.co.uk

Got any questions for Adam? Get in touch through the @O2UKThinkBig twitter channel with #askadam.


Meet Danny, Hands Up Who’s Bored

With Celebrity ambassador Reggie Yates:  twitter: @REGYATES Website: http://www.officialreggieyates.com/

Danny Bartlett, from London, feels frustrated by young people’s lack of interest in politics. Only 44% of people aged between 18-24 voted in the last elections and Danny believes that we can change this by making politics more interesting to young people and changing the way it is taught in schools.  Danny wants you to show your support for his campaign to keep political education from slipping off the national curriculum by sending in a picture of yourself looking bored with your hand in the air.

Check out his cinema ad here:   


Follow this link to learn more about Danny’s campaign and to send in your pictures to show your support: www.o2thinkbig.co.uk

Got any questions for Danny? Get in touch through the @O2UKThinkBig twitter channel with #askdanny.


Meet James, Homelessness and the Arts

With Celebrity ambassador Perou: twitter: @mrperou  website: http://www.perou.co.uk

James McNaughton, from Newcastle understands perfectly how hard it is to be at the receiving end of negative stereotypes about homeless people.  Having been there himself James is well qualified to help homeless people in the UK.  James feels that through art, young homeless people can find an outlet for their frustration and also demonstrate to the rest of the country that they have talent just like the rest of us.  James, Perout and young homeless people across the country are currently working on an online exhibition to showcase this talent.  The best photos from the online exhibition will be taken to a physical exhibition on the 25th of October at the O2 Academy with the help of our celebrity photographer.

Check out his cinema ad here:


Follow this link to learn more about James’ project and watch this space for the best photos taken by young homeless people across the UK:  www.o2thinkbig.co.uk 

Got any questions for James? Get in touch through the @O2UKThinkBig twitter channel with #askjames.

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