A new video has been launched online to encourage more young people to get involved in O2’s social programme. Think Big is handing over the reins to young people themselves and helping them take charge of changing the society in which they live and to celebrate this we are launching a social media campaign giving you the chance to win £90 worth of vouchers to O2 Academy Events.

What is it?
A film designed to challenge stereo-types of young people have been launched on-line through MSN, 4OD, Twitter, Think Big/O2 website and other online platforms.

Why does it matter?
Young people often fall victim to the social prejudices of the media and are habitually talked about in a negative way. Unfortunately terms such as “hoodie” and “yob” are becoming all too common in the media today. We think this is unfair and are confident that there are thousands of young people who are trying to make a positive difference to their community, be it through a music workshop, a sports society or a drama club.

It is these young people we want to help by providing them with financial aid and a package of training, support and mentoring; from project management to communications and from presentation skills to networking. After the initial grant, they will also have the chance to apply for £2,500 to further boost their project.

What is O2 Think Big doing about it?
We hope that these videos will inspire more young people to reconsider the small idea they didn’t think they could make happen. With the right support these small ideas can become big projects that really make a difference. By reinstalling trust in young people O2 Think Big wants to inspire young people to proactively change the society in which they live.

Where is the video?
Check out the video below for yourself to see if it makes you think twice about pigeon holing young people, or indeed if it inspires you to get involved in creating a project.


How can I get involved?
For more information on how you can get involved head to O2 Think Big’s website, www.o2thinkbig.co.uk.

Join in the conversation on Twitter or visit our Facebook Tab to see our latest campaign and featured project and have your say on the topic.

International Youth Day Retweet competition
We're running a competition to celebrate International Youth Day on our Twitter channel @o2ukthinkbig. If you fancy winning £90 worth of vouchers to spend at O2 Academies before the end of September, here’s the chance to do so.

All you need to do, (which you might well have already done) is retweet our tweet about the previously mentioned video. If you are the 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th and 500th person to retweet, then we will contact you to check you meet the terms and conditions, and then ask for a contact address to send on the vouchers… Easy as that.

The competition begins with the retweetable tweet and ends on as soon as our 500th person retweets the aforementioned tweet, failing that Monday 16th at 6 pm. To see our terms and conditions, click here.

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