The Pocket-lint team has been out and about on the streets of London with the Apple iPhone, testing the network performance of O2, Orange and Vodafone. Here are the results…

In the three out of five areas tested, O2 topped the download speed charts achieving considerably higher results.

Pocket-Lint wrote, “Based on the Speed Check data we gathered the best network in the London area for downloading content to your handset was O2 with three wins out of the five we did. It proved consistently strong in our tests”.

At each location Pocket-Lint loaded a web page, ran a speed test and made a voice call – activities designed to “replicate what most commuters do”.

Pocket-lint also examined the fact that our customers can access free Wi-Fi at 7,500 BTOpenzone and The Cloud hotspots across the UK and in conclusion describe O2 as a “tough one to beat.”

In November 2009, we announced an accelerated Network Investment programme, where we planned to build 1500 new sites by the end of 2010. Additional investment across the UK will total hundreds of millions of pounds.

Derek McManus, O2’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “In the past 12 months the mobile industry has seen an unprecedented change in demand. The introduction of world-class devices, in combination with a wide variety of data applications, has brought about a dramatic change in customer behaviour."

“In recognition of this we have aggressively accelerated our network growth programme to ensure we have significant headroom for the future cater for the exponential demand on mobile data networks.

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