Stuck for that special way to send a message of love this Valentine’s Day? Try getting Cupid to send a little love message on your behalf from his “Love Cloud” courtesy of O2.

This Valentine’s Day, Twitter users will be able to send their own video messages, each read out by and delivered via YouTube from O2’s non-identical “twin Cupids”.


Twitter users simply Tweet the message they would like the O2 Cupids to read out to @o2, including using the hashtag #o2Cupid. If they'd like a particular Cupid to read their message, we'll do what we can to accommodate.

Each message will be picked up and recorded and users will receive their message in a personal video posted on the Cupid YouTube Channel.

To add a little mystery, O2 will even send users’ messages to the objects of their desire directly, leaving recipients guessing as to who their mystery admirer might be!

For example:

@o2 #o2Cupid Hullo Ruby. Steve just wanted to remind you how much he loves you – and looks forward to spending his life with you

@o2 hey Jem hunny! Don’t forget that all your mates still love you loads and we’ll be here for you this Valentine’s Day!  #o2Cupid

@o2 to Katie’s special big boy Barry, you’ll always be her love bug. Don’t stop being her big naughty teddy bear! #o2Cupid


O2 collects the messages that are sent in, will record them from Cupid’s Love Clouds, where they will be committed to video using the submitted words. These videos are then uploaded to YouTube with the link Tweeted back to the message senders to share with their intended final recipients.

If users want their message delivered directly to their intended recipient from @o2, keeping their identity secret, they need to send the Twitter user name to which the message needs sending, leaving off the @. For example, a message to be delivered to “jane_hopkinson” would be sent from @o2 to @jane_hopkinson on Twitter.

Alex Pearmain, Head of O2’s social media love messengers, said:

“You could say it with chocolates, you could say it with flowers. But we thought that if you’re a social media fan then sending a romantic Valentine’s from the messenger of love himself might be a little more original! We hope the O2 Cupids will bring some couples together come February 14th.”

The doors to the O2 Cupid Love Clouds will open on Twitter at 10.00 am on 8 February 2012 and will be open until 14 February. You’ll need to make sure your requests are in before midday on Tuesday, 14 February, and the Cupid brothers will work hard to get through as many as possible whilst they prepare for their big day.

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