More than 425,000 students are set to take on the fun and frolics of Freshers’ Weeks this month but we should spare a thought for those they’re leaving behind. According to our latest Home Broadband research, six in ten (60%) parents dread the onset of empty nest syndrome.

Tech savvy parents keeping in touch online
The most common empty nest coping mechanisms include speaking to their son or daughter regularly (44%). More and more parents are using home broadband to keep in touch; with 47% planning to use email, 25% Facebook or other social networks and 19% even using Skype.

Tips to keep up with the kids
We’ve teamed up with Belinda Stewart-Wilson, who plays Polly McKenzie, on-screen mum of Will from The Inbetweeners to lead our Home Broadband campaign which is helping parents to keep in touch with their kids with the following top tips:

  • Check you have the best value broadband package with O2 Home Broadband – which offers the first six months free or discounted tariffs
  • With 50% worried about their kids running out of money, don’t expect a call back anytime soon so send a text or email instead
  • With more than 50% of 45-54 year olds regularly communicating via social network, make “friends” with your kids to keep up with their antics! (Source: nVision Research, Base: 2,207 online respondents aged 16+, GB, 2011)
  • Video calling or Skype will give you plenty of face time so you’ll feel like they never left

Our best value broadband is now available
Existing O2 Mobile customers will benefit from the UK’s fastest non-fibre broadband network completely free for the next six months. From £8.50 to £21.00 per month, the O2 Home Broadband promotion includes:

  • 6 months free Home Broadband on the top two packages for customers who’ve had an O2 mobile for more than 2 years
  • Up to the end of September, 3 months free Home Broadband for new customers, or customers who’ve had an O2 mobile for less than 2 years, on the top two packages
  • A choice of three tailored packages. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, O2 customers can select The Basics, The All Rounder or The Works packages, depending on their individual needs
  • Up to 20 meg download speeds (depending on location)
  • Up to 10 email addresses
  • Secure internet access with state of the art McAfee security software included
  • Round the clock technical support over the phone provided free by our UK-based Gurus
    Telefónica UK Ltd

Are you worried about being an empty nester? Let us know how you're coping in our comments…

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