Not all broadband lines are the same. Ofcom just published a ton of research into Britainʼs broadband networks, and O2 came out with a glowing report. Want to know what makes our home broadband better than the rest? Read on…

If youʼve used other providers, you might have noticed a slowdown during peak hours, when all your neighbours hop online at the same time. Ofcom found O2ʼs home broadband connections were the least affected during peak hours, with 20Mbit/s and 24Mbit/s ADSL packages seeing the least change between 8pm and 10pm.

During Ofcomʼs tests, they found O2 home broadband lines averaged 95% of the maximum speed during peak hours. As well as that resilience during busy periods, O2ʼs lines were found to be quicker than other providers at uploading content too, a statistic often overlooked, but crucial for online gaming and intensive applications, such as video chat and Skype calls.

Ofcomʼs report states: “O2’s ‟up to‟ 20Mbit/s package was significantly faster than the others with average upload speeds of just over 1Mbit/s.”

Felix Geyr, Managing Director of O2 Home and Broadband has welcomed Ofcom’s findings, saying: “While there is still some concern from Ofcom that customers are being misled around broadband speeds, we thoroughly believe that the packages consumers want should be based around their needs and not specifically speeds.

While Ofcom are highlighting headline speeds of 20 and 40Mbps consumers should be more focused on the actual speed that they receive during peak hours, which enables them to do what they want online. We have continued to invest in additional capacity across our network and Ofcom’s research found O2 home broadband lines averaged 95% of the maximum speed during peak hours, something that is considerably better than our competitors.

I am also delighted to see that we deliver significantly faster download and upload speeds than other 20/24 Mbps ISPs, provide the fastest loading of a web page, best latency and best average DNS resolution time, beating our competitors by some way in a number of these metrics.”

And it doesn’t end here. O2 is continuing to invest in broadband infrastructure to provide a great service, and improve access across the country. Do you use O2 Broadband at home? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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