Fantastic news from the 2010 PC Advisor awards – the PC Advisor team have said the Palm Pre is the best handset to come through their test centre in the past twelve months and given it the Best Smartphone award!

Describing the Palm Pre, PC Advisor says, "With a beautiful screen, tucked-away keypad and a mouthpiece that subtly curves towards you, the Pre is a delight to chat on. This is a fantastic, well-connected phone first and foremost; the fact that it's also a desirable gadget is a bonus. Touch-sensitive controls and the ability to run four or five applications at once make the most of its 3.1in display and nippy processor."

The Palm Pre's available exclusively from us on a range of Pay Monthly tariffs, all of which include free data and Wi-Fi access, as well as a free Touchstone wireless charger and back cover worth £45!

To order your Palm Pre, visit our website at and pick the tariff that's right for you. 

We'll leave the last word to PC Advisor – "The most anticipated gadget of the year kept us waiting from its January unveiling to its mid-October UK launch to see whether it could live up to its exceptional hype. The answer: oh yes."

PS.Already got a Pre? You can download the latest WebOS software today – let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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