Pennteller If you thought magic was just your uncle mucking up a card trick at a family reunion, look again. For two nights only, renowned conjurers, illusionists and entertainers Penn and Teller are coming to indigO2 at The O2, taking a break from their Las Vegas residency to bring their mix of spellbinding sleight of hand, philosophical musing and death defying stunts to Brits. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up five of their greatest tricks for you to see right here.

The bullet catch

In this unbelievable feat, which is the climax of their stage show, Penn and the silent Teller shoot each other, and catch the bullets. The ammo is even verified by members of the audience before and after. Astounding.

The flag burning

Burning the fifty stars of the United States is a heinous cultural offense, but this trick is far more intelligent than your regular smoke and mirrors. Watch: it’s as mesmerising as much for Penn’s musings on the meaning of patriotism as it is for blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hand movements.

The nail gun

The real magic in Penn and Teller’s tricks it that the one they perform is seldom the one they tell you they’re going to. Take this knuckle-whitening stunt, in which Penn appears to memorize a very long sequence to avoid being impaled with a nail gun. Things get smarter still, however.

Teller run over by a truck

What’s going on here? At what point does Teller switch out with a dummy before being run over by an enormous truck, driven by Penn, and how does he switch back again? Or is he actually being run over? Either way, it’s watch-through-your-fingers stuff.

The shadow trick

Penn specialises in riveting storytelling, but for some, the best part of the duo’s stage show is when mute Teller takes to the stage by himself. An old school illusionist, this stunt is demure, subtle, and yet still jawdropping.

Conversations with Penn & Teller takes place at indigO2 on 7 and 8 December 2011. Click here to book tickets.

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