Mobiles matter: they’re what keeps us talking, and increasingly, what keeps us laughing. We’ve rounded up some the best mobile-related viral videos for your entertainment right here. Read on and watch them all!

Where does the Nokia Tune come from?
You probably hear it a dozen times a day, but where does that iconic Nokia Tune come from? Would you believe it dates back to the 1900s?

The antidote to wobbly cameraphone photos
Mounting a smartphone on a tripod is tricky… unless you’ve got a bunch of kid’s toys to hand. This intrepid YouTuber has employed a stash of K’NEX cogs and connectors to construct a photography tripod that’ll fit any mobile phone. We hope the pictures he takes are as creative as the mounting mechanism…

Samsung Galaxy dance video
This smart Samsung video has clearly cribbed from the success of OK Go’s music videos, but it works: what starts as one toddler strutting her stuff soon turns into an entire troupe of dancers moving in sync. Charming stuff.

Nokia gets lost in the woods
It can sometimes be hard to explain just how useful GPS on smartphones is via the medium of telly, but Nokia manages it with this tongue-in-cheek faux-documentary. Never go wandering in the woods in Finland without your mobile…

The PomeGranate Phone
Apple? BlackBerry? You’ve got some fresh competition. This fruit-flavoured concept mobile packs in more than any smartphone on the market right now. If only it was real…

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