Normally if you’re running a vehicle fleet you’d love to hear the phrase “going the extra mile”. But you definitely wouldn’t want to hear it if you were picking up the tab for non-business miles that people might be sneaking onto their expenses claims.

Fleet efficiency is essential to maintaining positive top and bottom lines (not to mention reputation) – but there can be a lot of paperwork involved, along with the worry of inaccurate figures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Amazon, Ocado, DHL or a small regional engineering firm – to truly know how efficiently, safely and effectively it’s running your vehicle fleet must be constantly connected to your business, in real-time.

We’ve got our own telematics solution, Drive from O2, which we use to manage our fleet. It uses the same technology that’s found in everyday sat navs. It’s a small GPS device that’s easily installed and transmits real-time vehicle information over our data network.

While we first introduced it to help reduce carbon emissions, we’ve had lots of other benefits along the way.

  • Expenses control – accurately record and report business and private mileage in real-time via a secure web portal. It ensures all claims are accurate before they’re sent to finance and it’s compliant with HMRC rules.
  • Driving efficiency – shows how drivers are behaving in real time. If they’re racking up operational and environmental costs through inefficient driving, they’ll be alerted by an in-cab light or audio indicator.
  • Advanced tracking – telematics and live traffic information help to avoid hold-ups and accidents. It gives a full breakdown of journey times, routes and locations. The device also picks up bad habits such as speeding, and records these as and when they happen.

 The numbers speak for themselves.

Existing customers that already have a digitally-connected fleet have saved up to 15% in fuel; around 10% on insurance premiums and approximately 15% in CO2 emissions1.

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1 Source: Masternaut

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