Symbian-v-windowsIf you're pondering whether to pick up a Windows Phone 7 handset or a Symbian device, read on for our ultra-effective quiz which will help identify which one will do the job best for you…

1. Are you into hacking your phone and playing with the underlying code? 

a) Oh hell yes, I love to tinker with my phone and mod it to my heart's content. 

b) No way, I hate fiddling about, I just want my phone to do what I need well. 

c) I haven't hacked since I had that bad chest infection before Christmas. Everyone seemed to have that.

2. Are you app crazy or just keen on the newest ones out there? 

a) I like to have a huge library of apps to choose from. 

b) I'm after the newest games and things like the best productivity apps. 

c) App?

3. Are you after tonnes of connectivity options and a full-on QWERTY keyboard in a phone? 

a) I plan to hook my phone up to my TV and I love bashing out emails speedily. 

b) A keyboard is nice but I just want a phone that looks good. 

c) Does it come with a charger?

4. Have you bought a lot of Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones in the past? 

a) I'm a huge Nokia/Sony Ericsson fan. 

b) I'm not fussed about who makes my phone. 

c) Nokia? The crowd what used to make rubber boots?

5. What do you think of Microsoft? 

a) It's a mega-corp and I don't care for it. 

b) What's not to like about Xbox 360 and Windows 7? 

c) Paperclip. That is all.

6. When it comes to gaming are you a big Xbox Live fan? 

a) Not really. 

b) Yes. Achievements are my god. 

c) Looks like another spelling error to me.

7. How much does the look of an operating system matter to you? 

a) No. I just want an OS that has lots of apps and plenty of options. 

b) Yes. I want something that can match the coolest phones my friends are rocking. 

c) Loud noises.



Mostly A: you want a Symbian device

Symbian devices have been around for a long time so there's a wide range of apps available for your phone. You'll also find that Symbian handsets offer a wider range of ways to edit the OS and play with tools for serious customisation. 

Mostly B: you want a Windows Phone 7 phone 

Windows Phone 7 is newer so has less apps on offer but those it does have are top drawer, with the best games and other apps making their way to the OS. You'll also find lots of Xbox Live integration if you're a gamer and the OS is one of the most visually pleasing ever designed. 

Mostly C: Keep moving, there's nothing for you to see here.

If you've eschewed the crowd-pleasing Apple and Android and stuck your traditional pin on either Symbian or Windows' lapel, let us know in the comments below.


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