It´s nearly a week since we were welcomed into the school and we have had to be quite patient and prepared to take things at the pace which the foundation and the local NGO think is right.

We visited the place where the people displaced by the earthquake are living. It is so desolate – row after row of makeshift shacks in the dusty desert, many of which have no water or electiricity. The people are angry that they are still living in these conditions two years on and wanted us to come here and meet them to draw attention to it. The kids from this area are very poor – they have a very long walk to and from school and many come into school hungry.

The volunteering day on Saturday was fantastic – we worked alongside volunteers who normally work in the Telefonica business out here, painting murals and walls, painting the lines for the volleyball pitch and creating a garden in the school grounds. Many of the staff from the school were there to support us and thank us and as usual there were plenty of kids hanging around, just waiting to have some fun with us in the breaks!

We finally started our work in the school yesterday and had a very tiring but rewarding day. The kids have next to nothing but just want to share with you – I was very touched yesterday when one of the little girls gave me one of her rings.

Hasta pronto

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