Well they say you learn by your mistakes!

Our Spanish colleagues suggested we try something new in the English class with 9 year olds today – pushing the desks to one side and doing an activity involving animal impressions and lots of movement. It didn´t go well – from the moment we started to move the furniture six boys, including one with special needs, started fighting and making towers out of desks and chairs.

Our Spanish colleague and Fiona ploughed on while I tried to gain some sort of control of the boys but with my limited Spanish and the general chaos in the room it was impossible to control them. I couldn´t even send them outside because there was a sandstorm! (it is expected to last 3 days.)

I feel bad that the kids who did want to learn were unable to – we will have to revert to more traditional teaching next time.

I can´t wait for tomorrow as we are taking the 4-5 year olds for a morning of activities relating to the environment and nature. That should be more manageable!

Hasta pronto

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