It was "el Dia de las Cometas", the kite festival, at the school today and one of the best days yet.

Although none of us had had any training (!) our task was to help the children make kites out of bamboo, string and tissue paper. We soon learnt from the older children, and after a lot of hard work we were amazed when the kites could fly – they looked fantastic in the sky with the sun shining through the coloured paper.

When the day was over some of us went with the kids and some of the parents to the top of a a huge sand dune to fly them with the most amazing views over the town and the Pacific beyond.

Oh, and we have started rehearsals for our dance for the farewell ceremony – I tell you it will be very funny indeed to watch! Taught by "Michael Jackson", we spent an hour in the playground after school last night learning the steps to a very energetic traditional Peruvian dance. Mucho more practice needed next week I think!

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