O2-recycle In the post-Christmas clearing out frenzy, you’ve probably found a couple of old phones you don’t want anymore. O2 Recycle can get you cash for them. Read on to find out what O2 Recycle’s most wanted devices are right now… 

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB £200 | 32GB £213 

If you got an iPhone 4 for Christmas and find yourself with an Apple iPhone 3GS going spare, you can make yourself a nice chunk of change by recycling it. Whether you’ve got a 16GB or 32GB model, you’ll net yourself around £200. 

Blackberry 9700 Bold £138 

This keyboard-packing beast is a solid workhorse but if you’re craving a new QWERTY companion, you can earn yourself a tidy little sum with O2 Recycle if you hand over your Blackberry 9700 Bold. 

HTC Desire £167 

With a whole new selection of Android phones on the market it could be time to trade up. Sending your HTC Desire to a new life through O2 Recycle will get you over £150 for your trouble. 

Nokia N81 £81 

The Nokia N8 is the new king of Nokia phones and the Nokia N81 is looking a little tired these days. No matter. If you want to move on to a new Nokia blower, you’ll be compensated handsomely with £81 for your Nokia N81 through O2 Recycle. See what they did there?

Palm Pre Plus £50 

If you’ve got one of the now veteran Palm Pre Plus phones, O2 Recycle will take it off your hands. You’ll get £50 for your trouble. Not too shabby we think you’ll agree. 

To find out what your old handsets could be worth, head to O2 Recycle where there is a full database of manufacturers and phones. You can also recycle iPods, digital cameras, consoles and sat navs! 

Meanwhile, let us know in the comments what handsets you’ve got kicking around at home, unused. 

Image by Patrick 

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