Royal-Wedding-Twitter-Invite Want the royal wedding gossip as it happens? Forget live TV coverage or tuning into the radio: you need to turn to Twitter for the inside track. Guests who’ve embraced modern technology will be tweeting their fingers to the bone on the big day, so to get your dose of frontline tittle-tattle we’ve rounded up Twitter details for everyone guaranteed a seat inside Westminster Abbey.

Get set up
Before you dive into the list below, make sure you’re set up to use Twitter on your mobile phone. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, head to and register for an account.

Once you’ve got a login name and password, fire up your phone’s browser, head to and you’ll see a version of Twitter fine-tuned for your mobile’s screen. From here, it’s just a case of looking up those tweeting wedding guests and gorging on gossip!

Follow these Twitter accounts
You can follow royal wedding attendees individually by clicking their names below, or follow the whole lot at once with our Twitter list.

David Cameron
The PM doesn't have a personal Twitter account, but you can be certain that his thoughts and congratulations on the day will be conveyed through Number 10's Twitter team.

Nick Clegg
With the PM on the guestlist his deputy had to be invited too, and unlike the Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has his own personal Twitter account where he's bound to share his congratulations, thoughts and observations from within the Abbey walls.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham will be jetting back to Blighty from their US home to attend the wedding. They're friends with both the soon-to-be Princess Kate and Prince William, as a result of involvement in charity projects. Celeb-spotters, here’s one Twitter account you have to follow.

Elton John
While Elton John's Twitter feed is generally the province of updates about his website, the royal wedding may spark some more interesting outpourings. Elton is a close friend and confidant of William and Harry, and famously performed at their mother's funeral.

Peter Andre
This one's a wild card but the tabloid newspapers have speculated that Peter Andre will be on the guest list for the wedding thanks to his charitable work. However, it's not yet confirmed, despite reports that he got the pop singer slot coveted by Princess Diana's friend George Michael. Follow him just in case, he might put in a surprise appearance on the day.

Ben Fogle
Prince William's bodyguards used to tell nosey passers by that the he was, in fact, slightly less posh TV presenter, Ben Fogle. The pair recently appeared in a TV documentary about the Prince's travels in Africa and the rapport they built up during that project scored Fogle, the presenter-turned-adventurer, a spot in Westminster Abbey.

Ricard Benyon MP
Richard Benyon is the Conservative MP for Newbury. He was elected in 2005 and re-elected at the last election. He's snagged an invite for the wedding as a close friend of Kate Middleton's parents.

Harry Meade
Harry Meade is a professional horse rider and one of Britain's leading event riders. He's a member of Britain's development squad and in line for a place in the 2012 Olympic team. He's also an Eton contemporary of Prince William and a number of other members of his family also have wedding invites.

Charlie Gilkes
Founder of Kitts and the Barts speakeasy, Gilkes now runs Maggie's, a Magaret Thatcher-themed 80s nightclub on Fulham Road in London. He's the ex-boyfriend of Kate Middleton's sister Pippa and quite the globetrotter. Like Meade, Gilkes is an Old Etonian and contemporary of William and Harry.

Holly Branson
Holly Branson, daughter of business mogul Richard Branson, is part of the same set as Gilkes and Meade. She’s a friend of both William and Kate. Sadly her Twitter account is locked down but who knows, maybe she'll answer your follow request, or open up to the public on wedding day.

Guy Ritchie
This account, which appears to be Guy Ritchie’s, hasn't tweeted since 2009 when the director finished promoting Sherlock Holmes. However, the royal wedding is surely a great time for the director to hit Twitter again. The former husband of Madonna is a friend of the Middletons, and reportedly a distant relative.

Joss Stone
Soulful warbler Joss Stone has reportedly snagged an invite to the wedding of the year, and in the process put prolific tweeter Lilly Allen’s nose out of joint. Allen has since said she was only joking, but it’s clear she’s miffed that Stone will be sitting pretty in the Abbey while she’s at home watching on TV.

Tom Bradby
The Political Editor of ITV News might lack the glamour of some on our list, but he’s bagged a seat and will be within tweeting distance of the happy couple as they tie the knot. Follow him, and get a thoroughly well-informed perspective from within the Abbey walls.

The BBC Royal Wedding
Not strictly a guest but the place to get updates from the BBC Royal Wedding broadcast team, many of whom will be inside the Abbey.

ITN Royal Wedding
Again not a guest but updates from the reporters from ITN covering the Royal Wedding. They’ll be on location, and amongst the first (and most eager) to spread the gossip.

Royal Wedding
Want the American perspective on the royal wedding? Follow this account with updates from NBC News' Today programme.

The British Monarchy
The official Twitter account for the Royal Family, this is the place to get the official updates on the wedding. Don’t expect much gossip, but it’ll be the first place with official photos.

The Church of England
The earthly boss of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is officiating at the royal wedding ceremony so there's a very good chance that the CofE tweeter will have something to say on the big day.

Lambeth Palace
To totally cover off the Archbishop of Canterbury angle, follow Lambeth Palace which is Rowan Williams' official Twitter mouthpiece. The man himself might be a little too busy too tap out messages on the day, but here’s where you’ll find his officially sanctioned opinions.

Westminster Abbey
A great source of information on the famous abbey on normal days, the Westminster Abbey Twitter feed should be especially interesting on the day of the royal wedding, giving you a nice insight into the planning, preparation and execution of the biggest wedding in the world.

Want more gossip? Look out for hashtags!
If you want to follow more general royal wedding tweets, check out the #royalwedding and #rw2011 hashtags. Just tap or click on one within your Twitter feed and you’ll see who else is discussing the subject.

They're a great way of following what people have to say about the event as it happens. Let us know in the comments how you plan to keep track of William and Kate’s big day.

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