Samsung-galaxy-nexusAvailable on O2, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus stands out from any other smartphone on the market, boasting loads of features that rivals simply can't match. From its powerful dual-core processor to a world-beating display, we take you inside the high-end handset showcasing five world exclusives that might well tempt you into a new Galaxy.

Out of all the features on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the 4.65-inch screen is one of the most impressive. It boasts the highest resolution we've ever seen on a smartphone, serving up 1280 x 720 pixels – enough to put most competitors to shame.

As well as being an excellent device for browsing the web or checking out documents, Super AMOLED technology helps to deliver stunningly vivid colours, making it the best mobile phone screen to date when it comes to watching high-definition movies.

Ice Cream Sandwich
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone in the world to run Android 4.0 – code named Ice Cream Sandwich. As well as ironing out bugs, Ice Cream Sandwich gets a completely new interface, setting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus apart from its peers.

It's now easier than ever to customise the home screen, and you'll be able to resize widgets, take advantage of better multi-tasking features, and enjoy a better touchscreen keyboard. Granted, Ice Cream Sandwich will be appearing on other smartphones in the near future, but for now the Galaxy Nexus is an exclusive device.

Android Beam
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the world's first Android smartphone to feature Google's new Beam technology – allowing users to share just about any kind of content, application or contact by placing the phones back to back. It makes it particularly easy to take full advantage of the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip inside the Nexus; simply hold it next to another NFC-enabled Android handset, and push to share contacts, websites, apps, maps, directions and even YouTube videos.

Face Unlock
Face Unlock is a brand new feature for Ice Cream Sandwich, and does exactly what it says on the tin. There's now no need to remember passcodes – to unlock simply press a button and look at the front of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. What could be easier?

With Google hoping that its Google+ social networking site will be able to topple the likes of Facebook, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone to feature a Google+ app integrated into the operating system. It may not make a big difference if you're not on there yet, but it could be a brilliant feature if you do use Google+ regularly.

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