Samsung_galaxy_s2 The Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android smartphone is lighting the tech blogs on fire, crushing the competition and scooping up laurels and plaudits wherever it’s mentioned. But what is it that has the critics so smitten? Join us as we see what the experts have to say about the Galaxy S 2 in detail…

Desirable design

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is packed with power, but it's all squeezed inside the frame of one of the world's thinnest smartphones, at just 8.5mm deep. That makes it even easier to grip and use, says Electricpig's Ben Sillis, who writes "that smartphones this thin are not just practical, but preferable."

Sensational screen

The crown jewel amongst the Samsung Galaxy S 2’s many features is its luxurious 4.3-inch screen. There's no two ways about it, say reviewers, it's the best in the business. The screen "is nothing short of spectacular. Blacks are impenetrable, colours pop out at you, and viewing angles are supreme," says Engadget's Vlad Savov, scoring it 9/10 overall. PC Pro's Jonathan Bray meanwhile called it "wonderfully bright and colourful," awarding the phone a full six stars out of six.

Turbo power

The processing power inside the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is unparalleled too, according to those in the know. It's the "most future-proof hardware we’ve seen to-date", according to Chris Davies of Slashgear. Elsewhere, PC Pro saw the real world benefits of a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, noting that "everything from Angry Birds to Reckless Racing Play was dispatched with a slippery smooth frame rate that makes this as good a phone for gaming as any on the market."

As for the eight megapixel camera sitting on the back? It's capable of "impressive, natural looking shots", according to Slashgear, and "great detail" in Engadget's sample pictures. It can also record full HD "1080p video without a stutter", Electricpig found, making it the perfect pocket camcorder.

Epic battery life

What would pure power be without a battery life to keep it up and running? Slashgear found it to be nothing short of "brilliant", saying that the "standard 1,650 mAh battery took us through two days of use…that’s ridiculously impressive."


Engadget had no qualms about calling the Samsung Galaxy S 2 the "best smartphone, period", while Electricpig declared it a "surefire contender for phone of the year, and gadget of the year too." Considering all the mobiles, tablets, tellies, stereos and satnavs released every month, that's quite the coup, we think you'll agree.


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