If you’re a Pay & Go customer, you’ll probably already know about O2 Rewards. It’s our way of saying thanks for being with O2. With O2 Rewards, you can get up to 10% of your top-ups back, to use to get extra credit or use towards High Street vouchers, gig tickets, phone accessories or even a new phone.

Our Pay Monthly customers can get an early upgrade if there’s a shiny new handset that they want, depending on the tariff they’re on. But Pay & Go doesn’t have a minimum contract period and we want all our customers to feel valued – that’s where O2 Rewards comes in.

When you join O2 Pay & Go and opt into O2 Rewards, you’ll start to earn 5% back on all your top-ups straight away. After you’ve been with us for six months, your Rewards will double from 5% to 10% without you doing anything – we’ll just let you know when it happens.

Opting in is easy – all you need to do is text REWARDS to 50202, or call 313 free from your Pay & Go phone.

Your Rewards will accumulate over three months, when you’ll need to either claim or save them.

Commands, at a glance
  • To opt-in, text REWARDS to 50202, or call 313
  • To check your balance, text BALANCE to 50202 or call 313
  • To save your Rewards, text SAVE to 50202
  • To use your Rewards to claim extra credit, text CLAIM to 50202.

All these are free from your O2 Pay & Go phone.

We’ll text you at the start of each quarter to let you know what you’ve earned over the previous 3 months and a reminder of what to do next. To find out at any time in between, you can text BALANCE to 50202 or call 313, both free from your Pay & Go phone.

If they’re burning a hole in your virtual pocket, you can use them for extra credit by texting CLAIM to 50202, free.

If you’re the patient type, you can save them up and get High Street vouchers for well-known names like Marks & Spencer, Argos, Amazon and Debenhams. You could opt for money off gig tickets from Ticketmaster, kit out your current phone with accessories or put them towards a new phone. To save your Rewards, just send a free text saying SAVE to 50202.

Save or Claim? You decide. This O2 Rewards quarter ends on 3 October. To see the other dates and for more information about O2 Pay & Go Rewards, click HERE.

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