SIRODA, the network specialists, today announced the results of a comprehensive survey of UK mobile networks, comparing the data speeds of all five UK operators.The tests, conducted over a 60 day period across 150 UK locations, measured mobile data connection speed at peak periods throughout the day.

The tests show that in January 2010, O2 offered the fastest average web page access experience in London at 1.7 seconds, over 30% quicker than the slowest operator. Outside London, the right to claim the fastest web access speed was shared between all five operators (see table below).

For downloading a music track, O2 was shown to be the fastest operator on average in the UK. It achieved the fastest music download rate in 12 out of 20 UK key cities and was second place in a further four more.

Data performance was measured by testing the time to access a webpage and the speed of downloading a typical music file. Tests were conducted between 10am and 10pm Monday to Sunday, replicating genuine user patterns. Cities covered included London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield.

Simon Page from SIRODA said: ‘Networks have seen an enormous growth in data traffic in recent months and consumer interest in network quality has grown accordingly. This nationwide survey reflects actual customer experience in the places where data is in most demand. Regularly testing in this way helps identify areas for investment.’

Derek McManus, Chief Technology Officer, O2 commented: ‘We’re very pleased with these conclusive findings, which have been independently verified.

‘Our London customers are now seeing the benefits of the investment we made before Christmas, where we spent £30m delivering 40 new sites.

‘Outside London, where network quality is shown to be strong, we continue to scale our investment and have committed to deliver a further 1500 new sites by the end of this year, building ahead of the demand for data services.’

The survey methodology, commissioned by O2, was independently verified by BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications). BABT also verified the results of the tests.


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