O2-eco-rating-main-pic O2 recently revealed the findings for its 2011 Eco Rating scheme, highlighting the most sustainable handsets on sale. Nokia topped the chart, but it was a close run thing: read on and meet the whole shortlist of Mother Nature’s favourite mobiles right here.

O2 scores handsets out of five on a range of factors, including the environmental impact of the device, how it can help people to lead more sustainable lifestyles, as well as the ethical rating of the phone manufacturer. These are the devices that came out on top.

Nokia C6-01

Nokia-c6-01 O2 Eco Rating score: 4.1

Nokia went to great effort to make sure its Symbian smartphone is sustainable: the packaging is 100 percent recyclable, the phone is designed to enable re-use of some components, and its 5 star charger meets the maximum efficiency standards. It just so happens that the phone packs an eight megapixel camera to boot, bringing great specs to match its eco credentials.

Nokia E7-00

Nokia-e7 O2 Eco Rating score: 4.1

The Nokia E7’s engineering is a marvel of its own accord, but this powerful smartphone has been put together with sustainable components. It’s completely free of PVC, brominated and chlorinated compounds and antimony trioxide: which means less damage when the phone is properly recycled, and even the container it comes in is made from 60 percent recycled material too.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Samsung-galaxy-mini O2 Eco Rating score: 4.0

Samsung’s been spearheading green initiatives since 1992, so it’s no surprise this smartphone’s high up the list. Due in no small part to the fact that it is the EU’s Battery Directive and collecting batteries for recycling: so, when your Galaxy Mini comes to the end of its life, you can breathe easy knowing the company will see to it that its battery doesn’t end up in landfill.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung-galaxy-ace O2 Eco Rating score: 4.0

It’s not just batteries Samsung recycles: the company has joined (and funded) recycling organisations across Europe to make sure that both its phones and its packaging is reused, recovered or recycled. Your Samsung Galaxy Ace Android phone’s box is in safe hands with Samsung, just hand it back and they’ll do the rest!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony-ericsson-xperia-x8 O2 Eco Rating score: 4.0

Sony Ericsson has its own rigorous policies on the materials it uses in its phones, banning certain substances beyond what is required under current legislation. Before launch Sony-Ericsson sends sample devices to third party laboratories for testing for any sign of restricted materials for extra measure, and as you can see, this Android smartphone passed with flying colours scoring 4.0 on the O2 Eco Rating scale.

Nokia C7-02

Nokia-c7 O2 Eco Rating score: 4.0

This crafty little Symbian smartphone comes in packaging from Sustainable sources and is free of nickel on the product surface. Inside, its clever software also helps you save energy over the phone’s lifetime with a power save mode, an ambient light sensor to vary screen brightness, and it can even remind you to unplug the charger once it’s fully juiced up. How’s that for showing some green initiative?

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