Feedback from our customers has revealed that record numbers of businesses are now using smart phones to stay in touch.

Devices like Apple’s iPhone or RIM’s BlackBerry are now used by a whopping 7 out of 10 small businesses. This has been fuelled by the numbers of people now using social networking sites and business applications.

A lot of businesses now encourage the use of social networking during office hours and it is a valued method of helping to promote businesses and recruit new staff. This is helped by the ease of accessing them anytime, anywhere though applications such as TwitterBerry. Many of our customers revealed that because of this they now have one handset that they use for work and pleasure.

Businesses crave applications such as LogMeIn on the iPhone which help things go just that bit smoother. With this application employees can access their computer desk top through their phone on the go. Our Head of Small Business Marketing, Simon Devonshire, commented, “By enabling their staff to be able to work even when they are out of the office, business owners are reaping the benefits of a more productive and in-touch work force.”

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