In one of his most ambitious works to date, renowned musician and beatboxer, Beardyman, will bring the ‘Sounds of the 21st Century’ to life in the form of digital electronic music played live at Campus Party, Europe’s biggest technology festival.

The sounds will be sourced via social media suggestions by the public via using the hashtag #CPSounds and formed into a symphony that makes everyday noise music to people’s ears.

The work is to address the explosion of noise that the 21st century has experienced, with the event of mobile technology meaning it is impossible not to hear a new sound for every step you take in life.  With these sounds forming a type of ‘white noise’, we have stopped noticing the influence they have. Beardyman is aiming to create public awareness for these noises, composing and curating the best sounds utilising his mouth as an instrument and his digital mixing skills.

Expect to hear a symphony of sound which could include classic ringtones, movie effects, radio jingles, computer game intros, hardware start-up sounds, TV sound-bites and other physical noises heard regularly in 21st century life.

Performed on the 2nd September, Campus Party’s opening night, the event will excite 10,000 young people per day across Europe about the possibilities of new and emerging trends and will inspire a generation of young people to look at ways to build and experience digital technology that will form the sounds of the future.

There will also be a unique chance to preview the track through Beardyman and Campus Party’s social media channels for the first time on the 28th August, in order to allow people from across Europe a taster of what they can expect to experience live.

Beardyman comments: “The 21st century is happening. We are now living in the future. What we thought of as the present, it turns out was actually the past… Technology progresses apace and continues to change our lives faster than we have time to appreciate. Let’s try something that uses the advances of the 21st century to do something that hasn’t been done before. Send me videos of yourself making 21st century noises and I’ll make them into one amazing piece of video art with the genius mr_Hopkinson. It’ll be awesome.”

“Campus Party is going to be fully awesome, playing to a crowd with a huge love of technology. It means I can go into a level of detail I’m not usually able to get away with. I can’t wait. I will use a bespoke built system which has so many features I had coded especially for me and I get to show each of them off one by one and make a unique performance at the same time.

“As part of my performance I’m also looking to pass on nuggets of knowledge to attendees on the ways in which I make digital music, fitting in with the Campus Party tradition of inspiring the next generation.”

To submit sounds suggestions please utilise any of the following social media platforms:


YouTube –

Twitter – @Beardyman @campuspartyEU #CPSounds

Facebook – #CPSounds


Find out more information or pre-register at

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