Ofcom have defined a new code for companies who offer broadband in the UK. It’s called the Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice: Broadband Speeds, it takes effect on 5 December and the good news is we’re in from the start!

Ofcom’s code is all about making sure customers get the right information about how fast their broadband will be before and after they buy. As we’ve been working really hard to make sure our customers know everything there is to know about our broadband, we’re already doing a lot of what Ofcom’s asking companies to do. You will see three extra benefits because of this code though – these are:

  • An estimated line speed when you sign up with us. This is instead of a wide range of speeds that say things like ‘up to’.
  • A transfer to a more appropriate package if you’re not getting the speed you expected when you joined O2 Home Broadband.
  • Being told about any fair usage policies, traffic policies or download limits. Put simply, we don’t have a download limit and we don’t cut down on any type of traffic on our network. Like every company offering broadband, we do have a Fair and Acceptable Use policy though. We have this to make sure everyone knows the rules and what we’d do if anyone broke them. You can see this at www.o2.co.uk/termsconditions/broadband.

To find out more about what can affect your broadband speed, check out our website at www.o2.co.uk/broadbandspeeds. If that doesn’t solve your problem, give us a call on 0800 230 0202 instead.

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