Waiting. It’s rubbish.

Need to catch a bus? Wait here please, while it rains on your new hairdo. Buying a stamp? Join the queue and wait. At the dentist, preparing for a drill to the face? Take a seat and wait. Oh, and why not read this gossip magazine from 2011 while you’re at it?

No thanks – we’re done waiting. How? Because O2 Refresh is here, that’s how. Now you can get the smartphone you want, when you want it. No waiting.

O2 Refresh is a whole new contract that lets you change phones as often as you want. You pay an Airtime Plan – which gets you minutes, texts and data each month – and then a Phone Plan, which pays for your shiny new phone. Once your phone loses its sheen and you’re ready for the latest model, just pay off your Phone Plan, pick yourself a new phone and you’re sorted.

It works the other way, too. Once you’ve paid off your Phone Plan, it stops. If you’re not ready for a new phone yet, just pay your Airtime Plan until you are.

Want more info about O2 Refresh? It’s all HERE.

Want to win a phone for you and a mate, courtesy of O2 Refresh? Of course you do. How? Just #WhyWaitNominate someone.

Everyone knows someone who could do with a new phone. Someone who owns a phone with actual buttons on it (say whaaat?), someone who last upgraded when Noah’s Ark set sail, etc. You know what we mean. *That* friend is the one you should probably nominate, although you can choose whoever you like.

Once you’ve picked the lucky blighter, think up a funny reason about why they need a new phone and then drop us a tweet using the hashtag #WhyWaitNominate – maybe something like this:

“I #WhyWaitNominate my friend @YourPalsName to win a new smartphone because when he last upgraded, he got a free flashing antenna with it.”

Facebooker? We’ve got you covered. Just tag your mate in a comment on one of our three posts – ONE / TWO / THREE – and tell us your reason why they should win.

We’ve got tsix pairs of smartphones to give away – two pairs of Sony Xperia Z2s, two pairs of HTC One (M8)s and two pairs of Samsung Galaxy S5s. We’ll pick six nominations nominations at random and let them know that they’ve won a smartphone for their mate and one for themselves. We’ll pick two sets of winners every week for three weeks (closes 14 July).

What are you waiting for? Get nominating. And remember – with O2 Refresh, you can get the phone you want, when you want it. No waiting.

Or, if you’d rather wait a while before entering the competition, you can always pass some time by reading our standard competition small print.

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