Music-Festival With the right apps, your Symbian phone can be transformed into the best festival tool you could wish for. From sharing your festival exploits on Twitter to generating amazing playlists and predicting the weather. We've selected the 10 ultimate Symbian apps for festival season.

Flashlight Torch
Price: £free
A spare torch is a festival essential, but rather than weighing down your backpack a simple Symbian app can make your phone pull double duty.

Flashlight Torch is a really handy free Symbian app that lets you push up the brightness of your screen and select one of 16 million colours. The reason Flashlight Torch is so handy is it'll keep the screen backlight on until you close the app, so your lock screen won't suddenly dim the light.

Price: £free
If you borrow a couple of quid from a friend at the festival and would rather spend time watching great bands than hunting down a cashpoint to pay them back, the PayPal app deserves a place on your phone.

With the PayPal Symbian app you can send money to your friends, manage the money in your PayPal account, request money you're owed and transfer money to your bank account directly from your mobile.

MoodAgent Free
Price: £free
Waking up in your tent first thing in the morning, you need three things – a quick wash and brush up, a nice hot drink and some good tunes. Putting together a good morning playlist to get you ready for the day ahead can be as simple as pushing a button with the MoodAgent Symbian app.

Mood Agent Free analyses the music already on your Symbian phone and automatically creates playlists as you move sliders to reflect your mood. Some heavy rock to counteract the rain perhaps? Or maybe some summery 60s hits for a bright sunny morning?. You can also share your playlists via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: £free
British festivals are renowned for their changeable weather. It's just part of the experience, but it definitely helps if you know what you should be wearing before you venture out from your tent in the morning. That's why you should have the Weather Bug Symbian app.

Weather Bug gives you instant access to current weather forecasts, weather alerts and even animated radar images so you’ll see the next downpour coming. Best of all, there's a 7-day detailed forecast which comes in very handy when you’re packing to go, or sitting in your tent wondering whether the blue skies will last all day.

Parachute Panic
Price: £free
Whatever your festival schedule, there will be some downtime. Whether you're waiting for the showers, or kicking back before the headliners hit the main stage, your Symbian phone can keep you occupied.

Parachute Panic is an addictive game but its simple graphics mean it won't hammer your phone's battery life. Beware graphically intense games which, though awesome, could also send you searching for a charging point more often.

Price: £8
Twitter is a great way of finding out what other people at the festival are saying. From grabbing the latest gossip on secret gigs to line up changes and finding out which food stand is making the best burgers. It's also a handy, lightweight way to stay in contact with what's happening beyond the festival fences.

Gravity is the most fully featured Symbian Twitter app available. It supports lists (which means you can set up a special group for people at the festival with you), makes it easy to upload your pictures and has great audio alerts which are especially handy in the hustle and bustle of a festival.

Ovi Maps
Finding your tent in a vast camp site can be a little tricky, especially after dark, but with your Symbian phone and Ovi Maps, finding your way back to it or any festival landmark you've visited is incredibly easy.

As well as directing you to the nearest shops, Ovi Maps features a 'retrace your footprints' feature so you can tag the location of your tent and find your way back after dark with your trusty Symbian smartphone in hand.

Shazam Encore
Price: £free
Whichever festival you head to there's always lots to hear but keeping track of songs you like can be tricky. But not if you have Shazam Encore stashed on your phone. With this nifty Symbian app on your side you can identify songs by holding your phone aloft and letting it listen to the music.

As well as being able to identify as many tracks as you want, Shazam Encore gives you the ability to share your musical discoveries via text, email, Twitter and Facebook and even buy songs from within the app. The app also stores a list of songs you’ve identified, so you can easily relive the festival when you get home.

Price: £2.00
Planning for a festival trip can produce a big pile of paper. If you want to keep your travel details, information on the line up and a map stored safely in one place, the Docuscanner is the prince of Symbian apps. It's a simple way to stash all that stuff on your Symbian phone, so you can cut the clutter within your rucksack.

Docuscanner records photos of any document with your phone’s camera and saves them as a PDF file. That means it's really easy to share itineraries and line ups with your friends via email, and it's also smart enough to rotate, correct and crop document images for you.

Price: £free
Festivals mean spending some quality time with fellow music lovers, but it's likely that you won't have exactly the same tastes. To make it easy to keep in contact with your entire posse as they roam between different stages, a group messaging app is incredibly handy.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform app which works on BlackBerry, Android and iPhone as well as Symbian phones, so you can keep in touch with friends whatever their phone. It also allows you to share photos, videos and voice notes with each other, along with your location.

Let us know what you make of our selection of Symbian festival apps in the comments. Which apps would you recommend to a fledgling festival-goer with a Symbian smartphone in hand?

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