There’s a school of thought that says tablets are great if you like chatting on social networks, buying goodies and looking silly when using one to take a picture. Come on, let’s face it, anyone using a tablet as a camera looks like they’re randomly holding a tray in front of them.

But they’re also great for business. Any type of business. Below we’ve chosen three sectors where tablets can revolutionise the way you work:

Finance adds up
The 10bii Financial Calculator unlocks your inner financial controller. It boasts 105 different functions and is based on the ever popular 10Bll Financial Calculator from Hewlett Packard –

  • which can only be a good thing. Unless you’re Carol Vorderman you’ll probably find adding up numbers a total chore, which is why this little app is  such a find. You can calculate all sorts of things, like interest rates, amortisation, time to value and the other things you would normally have to employ a bean counter to do.
  • Deliveries made easy
    If you’re a man (or woman) in a van with plans to become the next DHL, read on. Part of that journey involves ensuring your deliveries get to the right place at the right time. After all, it’s this sort of thing that’s going to keep your customers happy. So say hello to the Canvas Product Delivery Confirmation app, which allows you to input all your delivery details and also capture a signature.
  • Retail made easy
    How many times have you walked into a shop and seen a sign saying ‘Cash Only’? It’s usually accompanied by another sign blaming excessive charges for a lack of card payment. Do you want to be one of these retailers? We thought not. So don’t rack up the expense of leasing expensive card readers, when you can just download the mPowa mobile POS app and turn your tablet into a lean, mean card payment machine.

Tablets are changing the workplace at an incredible pace. To find out how tablets can help your business or to find out about some of our great Samsung offers please talk to your Account Manager or visit

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