The letter E. It kicks off a lot of words:


Thankfully, none of the words above apply to the new Moto E, or its price. At £79.99, it’s the opposite of expensive – it’s a great value smartphone. And even though we’re selling for it less than the recommended price (£89), we haven’t made an error – we meant to do that. Owning a Moto E doesn’t take much effort – it’s easy to get your hands on HERE and, with Android KitKat, it’s a dream to use. But even with KitKat on board, it’s not edible. So it’s probably best if you don’t try to eat it.

We’ve thought of a couple of other E-words, however, that work perfectly for the Moto E:

Empowered: With a Snapdragon processor and the latest version of Android, the Moto E is a capable smartphone – standing shoulder to shoulder with the phones that’d leave a much bigger dent in your wallet.

Economy: It’s been the buzzword of the last few years. Life is expensive, but owning a smartphone doesn’t have to be. At £79.99, you’re going to have a tough time finding a better-priced smartphone. And a better time spending the money that you’ve saved.

Expandable: The Moto E has 4GB of internal memory – plenty for most users. But if you need more, just throw a MicroSD card in there and you can add up to 32GB – enough to hold about 5000 songs, or 20,000 photos.

Expressive: Let’s face it – it wouldn’t be a true Moto phone without the ability to customise. Make your Moto E your own with a wide range of interchangeable back covers.

Electricity: You’re going to need less of it with the Moto E. Boasting up to 400 hours’ standby time or 14 hours’ talk time on 3G, you’ll spend less time sitting within 6 feet of a socket.

Easy-clean: Okay, so the ‘word’ is a bit dubious, but we couldn’t come up with an E-word for ‘clean’ (comment if you can think of one) – the Moto E’s 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen has a water-resistant splashguard and an anti-smudge coating, meaning no more squinting to read that text message.

There we go – an extensive (sorry) list of E-words that sum up the Moto E. Up for a bit of e-commerce? Head to our website and get yours now.

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