Xbox 360 & Kinect 01If you’re looking for great entertainment at a low price this Christmas, then just sign up to one of O2’s home broadband deals and save yourself £50 on a new Xbox 360 or Kinect. Not only that, but if you’re already an existing O2 customer, you can even enjoy up to six-months broadband completely free!

This fantastic deal is available right now, so why not sign up to O2’s The All Rounder or The Works broadband packages today and take home high-speed broadband and an Xbox 360 just in time for Christmas? And with the £50 you save, you can pick up one of these great games from 2011 to get you started.

Batman: Arkham City
The long-awaited sequel to 2009’s stunning Batman: Arkham Asylum puts you back in the cape and cowl and lets you fly through the night and kick some ass in the boots of the mighty Dark Knight. Taking everything that we loved about the original and cranking it up a few notches, Batman: Arkham City is the best superhero game we’ve ever played and with the money you save on your Xbox 360, it makes one of the must have games for your collection.

Gears of War 3
Concluding the genre-defining Gears of War trilogy, Gears of War 3 is an action-packed blockbuster of a game and the next essential buy for your Xbox 360. With an arsenal of weapons to choose from and enemies attacking from all angles, you’ll need to use your wits as much as your trigger-finger if you’re to survive. And with the stunning graphics and mind-blowing sound, it puts you right in the thick of the action for one of most adrenaline-fuelled battles of 2011.

For the most fanatical football fans, FIFA 12 needs no introduction. The name alone is a stamp of quality and, with years of high-quality games preceding it, FIFA 12 is the latest entry to bring the beautiful game to your Xbox 360. Packed with the latest players from your favourite teams, the unbeatable gameplay has been tweaked and fine-tuned to make for a more addictive footy game than ever, so if you’re in love with sport, this one is a no-brainer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
No self-respecting Xbox 360 player would be without at least one Call of Duty game in their collection and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 could be the best one of them all. With more guns, explosions and frag-fests than ever, MW3 takes you around the world and puts you frontline in some of the most nail-biting military conflicts to date. And with its fantastic multiplayer mode, you can get online and battle gamers across the globe for ultimate superiority.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
If role-playing games (RPG) are more your thing, then Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the only game you need for your new Xbox 360. With its vast open-worlds, fully customisable characters and great gameplay, you can lose yourself for hours as you explore the world of Skyrim and battle the many foes that you will face along the way. Adding another great chapter to the Elder Scrolls series, you won’t find a more polished RPG than this for the Xbox 360.

With your new Xbox 360 in hand and high-speed internet access courtesy of O2 Home Broadband, you can get settled in for Christmas and enjoy the very best that home gaming has to offer. And with all of these great games offering months of entertainment, you can keep playing well into the New Year.

For more information on O2’s fantastic home broadband packages, visit And to sign up and get £50 off your new Xbox 360, just call O2 on 0800 380 0402 and quote ‘Xbox’ to enjoy this unbeatable deal.

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