The latest and greatest piece of Apple kit is now on sale from O2! We’ve been asked a lot of questions about it – here are some of the most popular and their answers…

Q: Where’s the best place to find the latest info about the iPhone 5 on O2?

A: Check out for all the latest information.

Q: How much does iPhone 5 cost?

A: You can have a look at our tariffs and prices for iPhone 5 at

Q: Which tariffs will the iPhone 5 be available on if I grab one from a store?

A: The iPhone 5 will be available on our On & On 24-months tariff as well as the £63 per month tariff over 24 months.

Q: Is it available on 12 or 18 month tariffs?

A: The iPhone 5 is only available on 24 month tariffs.

Q: Why are your Retail store iPhone 5 prices different to your Online/Telesales prices?

A: When you buy iPhone from O2’s website or through our call centres you will be buying it from Carphone Warehouse (O2 will be acting as an agent for Carphone Warehouse).  Carphone Warehouse set their own price for the iPhones we sell on their behalf, so prices may be different when compared to O2 Retail stores.

Q: I’m at the end of my 12 month Simplicity contract.  Can I upgrade to iPhone 5 online?

A: Yes,  if you are at the end of your contract, you can upgrade to iPhone 5 with online pre-order or on launch day as long as we have the phone in stock.

Q: I’m on 12 month Simplicity but still in contract.  Can I upgrade early and get iPhone 5?

A: If you signed up to the special offer £20 a month On & On Simplicity, you’ll need to wait until after 6 months. All other Simplicity customers still in contract will need to go to an O2 retail shop on launch day, Friday 21 September. You will not be able to upgrade online.

Q: I’m on 30 day Simplicity.  Can I upgrade to iPhone 5 online?

A: If you’ve been with us for 6 months or longer, yes, you can upgrade with online pre-order as long as we have the phone in stock. Head over to

Q: What if I’ve been with O2 for less than 6 months on a Simplicity tariff?  Can I get iPhone 5?

A: It depends on the result of your last credit check. If you don’t see the option to pre-order via give us a call.

Q: Is there a Fast Track Upgrade option available for existing customers?

A: Existing customers can pay to end their contract early, however the cost will vary depending on your contract. Call us to discuss this further.

Q: How do I find out if I’m eligible for an upgrade?

A: Pay Monthly customers can upgrade early depending on their tariff. Find out your upgrade date by texting UPGRADE to 21602. Or check on MyO2 or the My O2 app on your smartphone.

Q: How do I get a nano sim?

A: One will come with the iPhone when you get it from O2 – if you’re buying from elsewhere you’ll be able to get one from us from Monday afternoon (17th September).

Q: What if I get an iPhone 5 from somewhere else? How do I get a nano sim?

A: You’ll need to pick a nano sim up from one of our stores from Monday afternoon (17th September). Remember – you won’t need to do this if you’re getting your iPhone 5 from O2 – we’ll supply a nano sim with it automatically.

Q: Can I buy iPhone 5 on O2, unlock it and use it on another network?

A: We won’t unlock iPhone 5 at this time. This is to make sure that genuine O2 customers get iPhone 5 on O2.

Q: Can I get cash for my old phone?

A: Yes, with O2 Recycle, your old phone could be worth up to £260. And do your bit for people and planet with Think Big. Get a quote today and post your old phone once you get your new iPhone. The quote’s valid for up to 14 days.  Find out how much yours is worth at

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