Over the last few years, the financial services sector has been under the spotlight more than most industries, with tighter regulations and a greater focus on customer needs.

With the bad press following the financial crisis, and after a series of mis-selling issues, perhaps one of the most notable of the regulatory reforms was the Financial Conduct Authorities’ (FCA) ruling that all client facing mobile calls for firms selling regulated financial products must be recorded. This directly affected thousands of financial employees in the UK, and resulted in many firms taking drastic steps with some even banning the use of mobile phones for business in the workplace.

Stifling the use of mobile technology isn’t a long term solution. It’s why the industry developed Mobile Voice Recording (MVR). A solution that enables financial institutions to record and store all business communications made using a mobile phone. This is nothing new- we’re all accustomed to businesses recording fixed line calls to help ensure the highest level of customer service. MVR is just the natural extension of this.

At this point there may be some of you thinking that the FCA ruling was years ago. Surely this problem has been solved? Well…not quite. Despite a number of attempts by providers to come up with an effective Mobile Voice Recording solution, none have yet proved to be the compelling product the financial services sector has needed.

This is where Mobile Recording from O2 comes in. Our solution helps financial and professional service organisations take greater control over their mobile communication channels, whether voice or text messages. Its integration into our core network ensures the user experience is completely seamless.What’s more our solution is highly customisable and has the ability to dual stream recordings into multiple call recording platforms. It finally gives the industry greater control and transparency of customer facing interactions, without compromising the flexibility and feature rich experience available on smartphones.

From a personal point of view, the way in which the solution is totally device agnostic is a real plus point. The service can directly link into existing CRM systems or be hosted in the cloud. I’ve had direct feedback from a number of customers who loved the fact that they didn’t even notice the service was there- exactly the experience we built our product on.

We’re passionate about ensuring our customers have access to solutions that are accredited to the highest standards. This is why we are one of the first Mobile Network Operators to be SIP certified with NICE for MVR. It’s an accreditation I’m particularly proud of and one that enables organisations with NICE call recording infrastructure to easily add a future proofed MVR offering from O2 without having to invest in infrastructure.

So gone are the days of dropped calls, miscommunications and delays while the recording kicks in. The customer experience is right at the heart of our solution. Whether a worker is using their own device from home, or even doing business while roaming, Mobile Recording from O2 offers a seamless user experience.

To find out more about our solution visit our website. We’re also hosting a free discovery session demonstrating of our Mobile Voice Recording solution – view our registration page for more details here.

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