Technology is changing music – the way we listen to it, how we consume it and the tools we use to create it. But in this age of rapidly progressing ideas and expertise, it can be hard to keep track of how to make the most of developing music tech.

O2 Gurus are here to help – here are five of our most loved apps guaranteed to transform the way you interact with your favourite tracks and artists.

1.      DISCOVER

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Most of us are now familiar with Shazam, the recognition app which has long since changed the way we discover and identify new music. Yet the old favourite faces stiff new competition from Soundhound, an app which lets you identify those addictive earworms solely by singing, humming, typing or playing the track. Its extensive database is growing each day, whilst ever-improving technology has made it possible to identify even obscure live tracks. It’s a real game changer.

2.      MIX

DJing is no longer a pastime solely for the experienced professional – or the rich, for that matter. Enter Djay 2, a highly user-friendly tool which gives both nervous beginners and seasoned record spinners the opportunity to create their own DJ sets. A selection of smart features – such as real vinyl grooves, new waveform views and a powerful sample tool – add to a slick app that is both unintimidating and free of corny features.

3.      LISTEN

O2 Tracks gives you unlimited access to the hottest new music, including the week’s Official Top 40 chart, through your smartphone. There are no adverts, no streaming and every song is downloaded to your mobile, so there’s no need to worry about depleting your mobile data. If the Top 40 is not for you, you can load up one of many genre-specific playlists, or enjoy lists of the latest new tracks compiled by famous artists in exclusive takeovers.

4.      TUNE IN

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The notion that the radio is both outdated and impractical is currently being masterfully challenged by TuneIn Radio, an app which allows you to carry 70,000 stations and over 2 million podcasts in your pocket. It also features an intelligent recommendations feature which makes it easy to find like-minded stations across the globe. TuneIn offers definitive proof of the radio’s rich potential – it will soon leave you baffled that you ever neglected it.


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If there’s one thing better than music, it’s live music, and stumbling across a stunning gig featuring a new artist can make the whole experience all the more satisfying. This is the aim of Timbre, an app which shuns typical recommendations based only on a user’s existing music library and instead uses smart GPS technology to identify exciting shows in your local area. To ensure that your new discovery really is up your street, it also gives you the chance to listen to sample tracks and visit the artist’s iTunes profile.

6.      NAVIGATE

Music festivals are becoming increasingly tech savvy, with many events developing their own apps to help visitors negotiate troublesome band clashes and find their way around the site. Yet there are few festival apps quite as handy as Find My Tent, which uses satellite technology to locate your temporary place of residence and guide you back home after a long night watching bands. And if you have friends who fancy a visit, it will even let them know where you’re staying, too.

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